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Migration Help

  1. Click invite link in the Discord and create an account. (same handle and email as old account is fine, it's probably what you want)
  2. Wait for the confirmation email and click the link in it to login. It might take upwards of 5 minutes (if it's gone over 10-15 minutes you should probably ping an admin, like @selectric)
  3. Go to "https://[domain of old instance]/settings/migration" and input "@ohnomy.rocks" and click/tap 'Save'.
  4. Go to "https://[domain of old instance]/settings/export" and download the CSV file of your follows (mutes and blocks as well if you have any)
  5. Go to https://ohnomy.rocks/settings/import and upload the CSV files that you downloaded to the corresponding categories. This will (hopefully) carry all your followers over intact.
  6. Set an avatar and a bio, and start tooting!


Thanks to tact for contributing the migration guide above, and to all the members of Powder Nation. You know who you are.

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