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If you see a basketballer eating any other chip, you are legally required to arrest them.


When have you felt truly connected to a supportive offline community?

My love for all of you is completely wholesome and platonic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fervent as hell!

CW: gruesome animal harm 

CW: gruesome animal harm 

CW: gruesome animal harm 

CW: gruesome animal harm 

CW: gruesome animal harm 

If I follow you in here: please know I would carry you in my mouth to protect you from predators like a mom fish carries her little fishlings.

If I don’t follow you: please let me know because I don’t want to miss out on being a big fish mom in your life.

@argylewerewolf And, like me, maybe it’s a matter of learning to shut the hell up and choose to be kind and patient with what we perceive (and I mean, probably actually know) are mistakes people are making and worry more about helping them through the consequences with grace and positivity, than trying to control everything in some vain attempt to prove we’re not as bad as we believe ourselves to be????

Iduno if that helps or just confuses things, and oh gosh I’m doing it again

People are telling me I look desperate when I show up to salary negotiations wearing only a barrel.

It reflects poorly on me when any of you say mean stuff about yourselves because I tell everyone you’re my best friends and you’re awesome as hellllll!

Folx, if you don’t think that I would bear hug every single one of you (with permission, of course) then you have completely misunderstood my whole “thing” and you haven’t let it full absorb into your noggins that I think you’re truly great.

waking up just thinking about all your precious avatars and bios

Wait, “Deep South” isn’t a euphemism?!

I have so many apologies to issue.

Here to report that I went and bought more house plants because I thought, “maybe these can just be my children so then I won’t feel barren”.

As your emperor and king, I command all ye in this realm to be kind unto thyself or face my vengeful retribution.

More like Captain SMIRK, am I right?

Oh, we have fun. Hope you enjoy that Star Wars humor.

Smash that like and subscribe and ring that bell, fam!

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