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If you see a basketballer eating any other chip, you are legally required to arrest them.

I was a teenage punk rocker.

Lately I’ve been reading about the history of Antifa and it reminded me of the anti-fascist roots of much of that music and how much I loved it.

Decided to make a playlist of my favorite tracks.

If you see a basketballer eating any other chip, you are legally required to arrest them.

just ordered some wings (BONELESS BABY) and might just fudge around and read some articles while I wait—really explore this place with my mind

Today let’s all pronounce “computer” like “COM-pyeww-TARRE?” for fun.

Completely exhausted by this website and all of its smart posters who are very good.

I've just checked and all your posts are very good.

Poor people are always sharing money with each other while rich people buy gold covered hot wings

It brings me no honor to inform you that, overnight, I dreamt about how fantastic each of you are.

You are considered fully Boomer if you refer to something involving the internet or electronics as “techno”.

Even if you were born a Gen-X.

Sorry, but you’re now a boomer.

If you think for one second that I’m ever going to dehumanize you, then you got another thing coming buddy. I’m going to empathize the HELL with you.

Update: I’ve eaten 1/3 of the cheese balls and there’s orange dust everywhere.

Early reports that I bought a big ol’ barrel of cheese balls. More to come.

You can unfollow me all you want but I swear I will NOT stop respecting your choices and validating you, so suck on THAT!

My sources are informing me that my followers are good and decent— I’m sorry if this is upsetting, but I have to report the truth.

Let me be absolutely clear: *slowly turns completely transparent*

Happy to report it’s a day that ends with “y”, which means you’re valuable and important just for being you.

Maybe this offends my “followers” but I’m wishing each and every one of you a happy Valentine’s Day, so deal with it.

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