Are nearly all car commercials filmed in California, or do we just have specific California car commercials?

Sorry to brag about my incredible lifestyle on social media, but I had to share that I, indeed, awoke at 5:00am on a Saturday so I could go grocery shopping w/o the crowds.


(print this out and staple it to a good tree)

Don't be jealous by I have over 40 lbs of legumes and seeds etc. being delivered to my home this very day.

Sorry if this offends you, but it's the truth and we're still friends regardless of how "pisst off to heck" you get.

If you think, just because it's Friday, that I'm going to permit any sort of self-erasure or negative self-talk, then partner, you've got another thing coming.

(Somebody make this a boomer meme for me with like minions or wonka or whatever it is they're doing these days)

So I guess adulthood is injuring your elbow pruning trees two weeks ago and still experience major pain anytime you move it the wrong way. Very cool.

I can report that nuts dot com is a very good website, despite all likelihoods.

I look at militant vegans the same way I would look at a militant furry. Like, I don’t care if you’re a vegan, it’s harmless, most people who are vegans are nice, I think it’s dumb to mock or belittle vegans, and you’re making the world a nicer place. BUT, if you’re gonna’ tell me I’m evil for *not* being one, and that it’s the only ethical lifestyle, then we have a problem.

“Guan-YES: How To Escape The Rat-Race & Become Your Own Boss By Selling Bat Droppings” by E. Cole Ocation

Marie Kondo bringing assorted black boxes to a funeral.

*clutching my thicc thigh meat*

No sparkjoy: thank you.

*throws legs into a pile*

Saying, “Crenshaw Melon” in various accents

is this ASMR?

I was telling Christmas jokes and my niece just told me, “you need to turn your jokes *down*” so Christmas Eve is going well. 😅

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